Homework Assignment Details

Date Due: 05 / 10 / 2017

In pairs, prepare a role-play interview with a famous person of your choice. Be ready to present it in class.
A1: 1 min
A2: 2-3 min
B1: 3-4 min

An example of a conversation:

  • Ivan: Thank you for agreeing to talk to me, your Majesty.
  • Her Majesty: My pleasure.
  • Ivan: Let’s start with something very simple. What’s your favourite food, your Majesty?
  • Her Majesty: Chicken. Chicken and green salad.
  • Ivan: Who would you like to see next on the throne, your Majesty?
  • Her Majesty: Hm, this is a difficult question. I think it would be Prince Harry. He is my favourite grandson.
  • Ivan: Do you every get bored of being Queen, your Majesty?
  • Her Majesty: Well, that’s an interesting question. I guess, sometimes I do get bored, but I never let on.
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