Homework Assignment Details

Date Due: 22 / 09 / 2017

Test         22 September 2017        Religious Education Year 11

Use the quizzes and the puzzle to help you revise/prepare.

Dialogue within and between religious and non-religious beliefs and attitudes

Topics already covered

  • The Monarch as the Head of the Church of England
  • The Monarch as the head of State
  • The Role of the Monarch today

-The Church in Wales

– The Church in Scotland

– The Church in Northern Ireland

  • The role of religion in public life
  • Public holidays based on Christian celebrations
  • The difference between secularisation and humanism
  • The place of religion in a secular society
  • The effects of secularisation on religion
  • Potential clashes between religious and secular values

Topic covered in our last class

Potential clashes between religion, tradition and secular law

  • marriage
  1. in the Roman Catholic Church
  2. in the Church of England
  • clashes between secular and Christian views on marriage

-civil marriage

– Civil partnerships


  • Laws about marriage in the U.K. today


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