Community Service Day

The day was perfect, a pleasant temperature to work in, a gentle breeze and the sun graciously looking down on the students of Stanborough School for their Community Service Day. This is the day fixed on the school calendar for all classroom learning to be suspended and all the students and teachers to don overalls and working clothes and go into the community to serve.

Year 7 pupils brushed up their skills by painting the fence around the back of the school. Year 8 pupil teamed up with teachers and walked to the local ASDA superstore to help customers pack their shopping into bags. Year 9 pupils were divided into three groups: one group walked down to a Garston resident to tidy the back garden; another travelled with the Maths teacher to paint two sheds of another Garston resident; and the third group, led by the Headteacher of the school, carried buckets and sponges, washing cars in and around the school.
Year 10 pupils were driven in the minibus to Harebreak’s Adventure Playground where some painted the wooden structures, while others created huge murals of the four seasons on the walls; others planted bedding plants donated by Burston Garden Centre in boxes and beds, cleared leaves and weeds from the grow boxes to prepare them for spring vegetables. The Year 11 pupils were bussed to Harwood’s Adventure Playground where they had the task of painting the huge jungle gym.

The residents could not thank the pupils and teachers enough for the free service offered. Paul Banks, Play Services Manager of Watford said, “Just wanted to send my sincere appreciation and thanks for all the hard work you and your teachers and, of course, the efforts the children and young people put in at both the APGs. There is an instant benefit you provide to the sites and a long lasting change. The structures now look colourful and fun and the planting neat and attractive.”

The last word from the Headteacher sums up the day when she said, “I had so much fun.” Serving others can be great fun and that is the principle behind the Community Service Day at Stanborough School, a principle handed down by Christ himself.

Kish Poddar

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