With Love From Hong Kong

Tai Po Sam Yuk School, Tai Po, HK

On February 13-26 a group of Students from Stanborough Secondary School visited Hong Kong in the framework of a long-standing annual cultural exchange.

Since 2006, Stanborough Secondary School and Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School (TPSY) have a reciprocal exchange that allows students from both schools to explore another culture and experience a different education system. On February 3rd Stanborough welcomed a party of students from TPSY for 12 days. And on February 13th it was the turn of Stanborough students to fly to Hong Kong and enjoy a fun-packed programme.

Students had the opportunity to visit some of Hong Kong’s most famous and culturally important sites, such as Victoria Harbour, The Peak, The Big Buddha, Tai Po Lin Monastery, Tai O Fishermen Village, Macau Island and Clearwater Bay Beach among many others. Students also attended lessons at TPSY where they particularly enjoyed Mathematics and English. Additionally, they experienced China’s rich culinary culture and appreciated the opportunity to make new friends.

About her experience Sarah – a Year 7 student – shares: “What l liked the most about Hong Kong was Ocean Park and the Big Buddha. Ocean Park is a theme park with lots of fun rides and extremely fast Merry-Go-Rounds… The Big Buddha [a 26m stature on a hilltop in Ngong Pi] was really big. It is very important to Buddhist people… and we saw them praying when we got to the top.”

“Our students are privileged to have such an opportunity to develop as global citizens”, said one of the accompanying teachers. “Trips like this provide them with first-hand experience about other cultures and educational systems. Additionally, it teaches them tolerance and responsibility towards each other and the wider world.”

At Ocean Park

Macau Island

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