Classroom Competition 2015

In a continual effort for excellence, we held our Second Annual Classroom Competition!

 A team of judges from non-teaching staff assessed each classroom in aspects such as:  creativity of displays; how God is revealed through the subject; the displaying of students’ work; and neatness of room, amongst others.

 The judges were delighted at the wonderful use of colour, the amazingly creative displays and each staff member’s passion for their subject; that was clearly reflected in their classrooms.

It was extremely difficult for the judges to choose a winner, as there were several classrooms, which simply astonished them. After much deliberation by the judges, first place was awarded to Mr. J. Poddar for the PE Room (219). The judge’s eyes were captured by the ‘Sugar In Drinks’ display, which our students helped create.

They also really appreciated the creativity that went into displaying the school Values.

In second place we had Mrs L. Milis – Hopa with the Library. The overall aesthetics of the library are hard to deny. No wonder it prompted the second placed entry for our recent students writing competition.

Third place was given to Mrs. S. Poddar for Room 206, where she teaches BSC. The judges were impressed with the overall neatness of the classroom, along with the welcoming atmosphere that the classroom possesses. The judges also really enjoyed her ‘What a ‘grape’ bunch!’ display. This classroom also inspired our first placed winner in the writing competition.

Outstanding Classroom awards were also presented to classes that deserved honourable mention. The recipients of these awards were:

  •  119: Geography – Mr. E. Amo
  • 118: English – Ms. E Hussey
  • 117: EFL – Mrs. L Milis-Hopa
  • 208: EFL – Mrs. L Milis-Hopa

The competition achieved its desired goal – to drive up standards.  As you walk into each classroom, there is an air of accomplishment and pride. God is glorified through the beauty of the displays and the inspiring presentation of students’ work and achievement.   Well done one and all!

Already, we can’t wait for the Classroom Competition in 2016!!!

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