Christmas At Stanborough

It has now been a whole month since Christmas, and most have put the festive celebrations behind us. Trees, lights and decorations have all come down; presents have been long forgotten or returned and life has returned to normal. Here at Stanborough though, we are not quite ready to put the cheer behind us quite yet. Though a little tardy, Stanborough would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We had a very active Christmas this year and would like to let you know a little about it.


Christmas Concert

This year our festivities began with our annual Carol Concert, which was held on the 9th of December. The night was filled with outstanding performances from all our students. The performances varied from singing, to short plays, to instrumental items. I believe that every one in attendance would agree that it was a very heart-warming and touching evening.

Each year in order to recognize the hard work and dedication that the students put in, we reward some of the more exceptional performances. Those in attendance are asked to select their favourite performance of the night, and the winners are rewarded with a small pizza party. This year all the performances were phenomenal, in the end Mr Wright’s Year 10 class was chosen for their incredible rendition of ‘Be like Him’.


Christmas Fair

This year the amazing members of the PTA organized Stanborough’s first Christmas Fair. The Christmas Fair was organised as a fundraiser, for our Home Economics room. The night was a blaring success with all those who came having a wonderful time. There were a variety of games on offer such as hook the duck, penalty shoot out, test your strength games and more.

There were also a variety of gifts to purchase from the PTA food table, to the fairy floss, clothes and soaps tables to the secret gift room.

At the end of the night everyone went home with a smile on their face, food in their stomachs and gifts for themselves and loved ones.


Staff and Student Christmas Dinner

In the days leading up to the end of term we also held our annual staff and student Christmas dinner.

This afternoon was filled with amazing food, as well as amazing entertainment. The staff and students again had a chance to showcase their talents. To the great surprise and delight of all present Victor one of our FIE students, received a standing ovation for his unbelievable operatic rendition of ‘Blessed Assurance’. That definitely has had us talking since then.

With the amazing success of the afternoon, we cannot wait until next year’s dinner.


Christmas Art Competition

Lastly two of our students had the privilege of assisting in presenting awards at the local Co – Operative Christmas Art competition. They enjoyed themselves immensely and stated that they were extremely impressed with the quality of the artwork.

We would like to thank Enoch and everyone at the Co-Operative for extending their invitation to our students.


Thank you

Here at Stanborough we would like to thank all the staff, students and parents who have made this Christmas season one to remember in the years to come.  

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