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2015 GCSE Results

Stanborough Secondary School continues to demonstrate significant progress on its journey to delivering educational excellence for its students. This years’ GCSE results shows that it is being established as the school for parents seeking to maximise the potential of their children.

In the last academic year, 94% of Stanborough students taking the GCSE exams achieved 5A* – C, with a return of 88% including Maths and English.

This compares favourably with the much vaunted selective schools in the area matching and surpassing their results. Our results are significantly better than the national average of 69%.

We are immensely proud of our all our students, and commend them for their effort and dedication during their time at the school. Their results reflect this fact. Mention in despatches must go to two of our students who returned phenomenal results. Eve Papaioannou and Paul Cooper excelled, with Eve receiving 11 A*’s and 1 A, and Paul receiving 5 A*’s and 6 A’s.

The Stanborough staff have seen their efforts reap dividends as 100% of our students achieved A*- C in Biology, French and History. We also received 100% in Greek, Portuguese, and Latin, which are extra-curricular subjects undertaken by students. 92% achieved A*- C in Business & Communication Systems and 90% achieved A*- C in Geography.

We recognise and appreciate the hard work undertaken by staff, the Board of Governors, our parents and the church in supporting the school. However, special mention must be made of the Head Teacher Lorraine Dion and the BUC Education Director Anne Pilmoor.

We are immensely proud of our school and our achievements this year, and trust that you too are proud of your school.

We look forward to your continued support as we strive to fulfil our motto “Ever Higher” in this coming year.

Written and edited by Berton Samuel & Wanda Rebolledo

BUC Executives Visit Stanborough

Last Thursday, 4 June, members of the British Union Conference Executive Committee came to visit the school.  As trustees at Adventist Church headquarters they take a deep interest in the school and so were invited for a ‘hands-on’ visit by our Headteacher, Lorraine Dixon.

They were shown around the classes by five of our students – Timothy, Aaron, Grace, Draupadi & Cherie, all of whom, it appears, did an amazing job, if the praise from the BUC Executive members is anything to go by. John Surridge, President of the Adventist Church in Wales is a former Stanborough student and felt compelled to write an article about his visit. We highly encourage you to go read it on the Adventist Church’s Website.

Make the end of the year the beginning of a reading journey

How did we get to the end of the year so fast? Every end is also a beginning. Make this true for yourself by browsing the list below and choosing what you would like to read during the last half-term!

Half-Term IV-VI New Books 2014-2015

And then, make these films the cherries on your cake 🙂

Half-Term IV-VI New DVDs 2014-2015

Thank you for supporting the Library this year! Happy last half-term and happy reading!


Mrs Milis-Hopa, Stanborough’s Home of Reading

International Night

Stanborough recently showcased its international diversity, at our annual International Night. Our International Nights are designed to allow students, teachers, parents and friends to come together and share our cultural diversity in a fun-filled night.The night began with a warm welcome by Mrs Dixon (The Headteacher) and then the festivities began. We were first shown a presentation introducing the European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Romania and Russia. Then they amused us with some challenging tongue twisters that were very tricky. However, I am confident that Mr Hopa’s tongue twister from Poland was the most complex.

The European group also had a performance from our visiting Russian friends dressed in ethnic clothing. They performed a song using wooden spoons, which is one of their traditional instruments. Everyone, including myself, was fascinated by the beautiful sound that the spoons made. The European group also treated us to a Spanish song played on the guitar by Connor (Year 11), and a graceful flute solo by Garbrielle (Year 8).

The African Group was next and they amazed as with their extraordinary costumes. For example, Hilda in Year 9 wore a dazzling patterned outfit. As for the group performances, the highlight was definitely the native drum ensemble. Vitor, an international student, said: “I think my favourite performance was the African drums. It was very creative and it was extremely rhythmic!”

Next to seize the limelight was the Caribbean group, who were introduced by a PowerPoint portraying the many Caribbean countries represented in the school. One of the more memorable performances was Arianne’s (Year 8) flute rendition of a tropical song originating from Jamaica.

Though, what was by far the most entertaining, was the combined staff and students performance. They filled the stage with dancing, singing and playing a common Caribbean game. A few of the teachers showed us priceless traditional moves, but I have to say, Ms Jackson was outstanding and she snatched the limelight.

The Asian group also presented a PowerPoint of the different countries, along with their national flags. First to represent Asia were our visitors from Beijing, they introduced us to a very catchy song and treated us to a quiz related to Chinese culture. My sister and I then read a poem in Persian that we had written, alongside the English translation. We were delighted to hear Ms Sinclair say: “The Language was so intriguing and engaging that I nearly wished you hadn’t translated it into English. Though I’m glad you did otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to understand the beautiful message!”

After the final performance, parents and students were able to walk around and view the creative displays (mainly food) that each group had prepared The food, all in all, from each category was mouth watering and I imagine that everyone loved it, just as I did. The European table was full of globes, flowers and cakes. The Asian exhibition showcased their favourite Sports and Music. They also had a large range of different foods such as Chinese vegetables, Persian candy floss, Baklavas, and Turkish drinks. The Caribbean group treated us to a variety of drinks, from Ginger beer to Super Malt, there were just so many to choose from! Lastly the African group was by far the most creatively decorated, with exquisite masks and patterned clothing. In terms of food they served Jollof rice, which I found extremely appetizing, as well as some African puddings.

All in all, the International Night was a successful hit! Carlos in Year 7, who has just started at Stanborough, stated: “I loved it, I can’t wait for next year’s International Night!” What I enjoyed the most about the International Night was that it gave us the opportunity to ask each other questions and to share our cultures. I have a lot of appreciation for everyone who took part and who made it one of the most memorable of nights!

Written By Tabasom in Year 9

WBD Results

Last Thursday we held our annual World Book Day quiz, which I can safely say that we all enjoyed immensely! From the creative decorations to the perfectly organised quiz, staff and students felt as if the time flew by to fast.

Though after several rounds of questions and of story telling, there was only one thing on everyone’s mind, who was the winner?!

House groups ranked as follows:

  • 1st Place Green Boys
  • 2nd Place Blue Girls
  • 3rd Place Red Boys
  • 4th Place Red Girls
  • 5th Place Blue Boys
  • 6th Place Green Girls

Blue house was declared the overall winner, followed by Red and then Green. Though at the beginning of this week it was announced that the scores were wrongly calculated and that Green House had in fact won! Blue had come second and Red third. This announcement obviously made the student body both ecstatic and sorrowful at the same time. Despite this everyone still states that the day was enjoyable and that they are already counting down to next years quiz.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff, who put in the time and effort to make this event successful. A thank you goes to Ms Pavlovic, who assisted in the creation of the displays, Mr Hopa for light and sound, along with Mr Poddar, Mrs Dixon and Mr Menkens – our three judges. In particular we want to thank Terry Menkens, who took time to come to visit us after retiring in 2006. Terry was a former teacher here at Stanborough, who first taught Geography and P.E. from 1964 to 1965 and then returned in 1978 to teach D&T, Maths and Geography for 28 years before retiring.

Lastly we want to give a very special thank you to Mrs Milis-Hopa for being a wonderful hostess, for her time in creating the decorations and in preparing the questions.

Your efforts did not go unnoticed and Terry had these encouraging words to say:

“On entering the transformed Assembly Hall, I was carried off into “another world of books”. It was a great privilege to participate in the judging of various contributions and to be part of such a well-organized quiz which raised the interest in literature and other disciplines.

I was proud to see how good-humoured and involved our students and staff were during the unfolding of such a vibrant and gripping event. Clearly, much forethought, hard work, effort and initiative had gone into the preparation of this happy, inspiring but informative occasion.

During my nostalgic tour around the familiar rooms and corridors, I must say how very pleased and proud I was to see “my old school” so full of life and vision, with God still clearly as the MASTER OF OUR SCHOOL.”

As you can tell, as staff we really enjoyed the event, but if you want to hear the students’ perspective please read Tabasom’s article on the Event.

World Book Day 2015!

World Book Day is a celebration! It’s a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and (most importantly) it’s a celebration of reading. This is the 3rd year that Stanborough has held a World Book Day Quiz, and on 5th March all teachers and students came together to celebrate the written word, as well as participating in a perplexing and exhilarating Quiz that I’m sure tested everyone’s knowledge.

The day before the Quiz was a non-school uniform day, where student and staff were asked to bring in £1.50 as a fundraiser to buy new books for the library. Well, I must say that everyone joined in on the fun and altogether we raised over £190. I’m sure that the librarian is very grateful for all your help.

At the beginning of 3rd period, students entered the hall and were arranged into their house groups (Blue girls & boys, Red girls & boys and Green girls & boys). Many students had most likely studied hard the night before, preparing for the difficult questions that were yet to come. As we entered the hall there was a mix of laughter and chatter, friends wishing one another good luck and teachers encouraging students that it’s not about winning but about participating. Despite this, I think we all know that we were all determined to win.

In the process of taking our assigned seats they was gasps and gawks at how magnificently the hall had been transformed. The colour scheme, the decorations and the layout were all outstanding and a big hat goes off to those that created the magical atmosphere.

Hilda from year 9y commented: “Wow, this is amazing, the place looks terrific, it has set the scene for World Book Day, I especially loved the ‘I LOVE BOOKS’ sign!”

While Muskah from year 7 said: “The decoration, layout and numerous shades of colours made the event dazzling, the flowers made from book pages were my favourite!”

The facial expressions of many of the boys showed how impressed they were, even if they didn’t want to admit it. As the questions began, the groups became all the more determined to earn points. I can say from experience that the team effort was stunning and that everyone contributed in answering the questions.

As each category finished, both student and teachers were asked to present a story. Students elected a person from their group that had to persuade the audience to read a novel, which they chose at random. Well done to all the participants, you all did amazing!


However when we asked some of the students who did best, Molaysi in year 9x accounted: “Naysa in year 11 persuaded me because she used great words of persuasion that gripped you into wanting to read the book!” Although others said that Christopher from year 11 did really well in persuading them into wanting to read.

Similarly staff groups elected a representative to share a funny story that had occurred at Stanborough School. Teachers Ms Smith and Mr Amo chose to do a role play act for their story about a noisy year 9 group, while Mrs Anderson and Mrs Hussey had combined theirs with a mix of humour and expression. Jahmai in year 8 acknowledged: “Mrs Andersons story was so playful, it was priceless! The expression and tone in her voice intrigued us to find out what would happen in the end. And well the ending was very clever, only two boys eating in the corridors!”

As the questions carried on everyone was delivering their best to win for their House Group. As I went around asking what their opinion of the questions were, there was a blend of answers. Some said they were very interesting, while others claimed it was a very impressive selection, others suggested a music or sports category for next World Book Day.

When doing a survey of what category was the hardest, the majority believed it was “General Knowledge”, others insisted on the “History/Library/Art” category! I have to say for me both were quite challenging but I personally found the “All Around the World” section effortful.

After answering all the questions, everyone was eagerly waiting to find out the results, in the end Green House was the overall winner, closely followed by Blue House and then Red House. After all the cheers and laughter the event had come to an end. However, before heading to lunch everyone generously received a book voucher for a free book.

As everyone rushed to the lunch queue, I managed to grab the views of my fellow students. To the question “Did you enjoy the event?” Michael in 9y answered: “Yes, I loved the fact that we got to socialise with team members and work together.”

Luana in year 9 – an international student – exclaimed: “The Quiz was the best, there was a variety of different questions in a range of categories that were very enjoyable, I made good memories!”

When asked ‘Why do you read?’ Sinead replied: “Reading is something I can do when I’m bored and it takes me out of the situation I’m in, and into the book where I feel I am with the characters and adapting to the setting as I read each page.”

I could not agree more with her more, reading transports you and teaches you many new things from the storylines and passages. On that note, I would just like to encourage you all to read as much as you can and to look forward to the next World Book Day, which will be even better! Lastly many thanks to everyone that contributed to the day, especially Mrs Hopa who should be recognised for all her tremendous hard work. What an event to remember!

Written By Tabasom in Year 9

Boarding School Fair

Last Thursday Stanborough, along with 59 other independent schools from across the country, was given the opportunity to represent our school at the Boarding School Fair in Shrivenham.

The fair was organised by the UK Defence Academy, for military families who may be considering educating their children at a Boarding School or an independent school. Three of our staff members attended the event in hopes of directly talking with a variety of different families currently serving in the UK Defence Forces.

While the overall attendance for the night was low, our staff members still managed to engage parents in meaningful conversation about our school and what separates us from other schools.

The staff members used a variety of school promotional materials, to emphasise this point to parents. As part of the displays, Boarding School pictures were effectively utilised to emphasise our diversity. The pictures used were taken directly off the Boarding School walls, as staff wanted to demonstrate the warm, caring and homely atmosphere that we have at Stanborough Boarding School.

16 flags were also included in the displays, to demonstrate all the countries currently represented at the Boarding School.

Overall the night was enjoyable, and we cannot wait to attend the event again next year.

Classroom Competition 2015

In a continual effort for excellence, we held our Second Annual Classroom Competition!

 A team of judges from non-teaching staff assessed each classroom in aspects such as:  creativity of displays; how God is revealed through the subject; the displaying of students’ work; and neatness of room, amongst others.

 The judges were delighted at the wonderful use of colour, the amazingly creative displays and each staff member’s passion for their subject; that was clearly reflected in their classrooms.

It was extremely difficult for the judges to choose a winner, as there were several classrooms, which simply astonished them. After much deliberation by the judges, first place was awarded to Mr. J. Poddar for the PE Room (219). The judge’s eyes were captured by the ‘Sugar In Drinks’ display, which our students helped create.

They also really appreciated the creativity that went into displaying the school Values.

In second place we had Mrs L. Milis – Hopa with the Library. The overall aesthetics of the library are hard to deny. No wonder it prompted the second placed entry for our recent students writing competition.

Third place was given to Mrs. S. Poddar for Room 206, where she teaches BSC. The judges were impressed with the overall neatness of the classroom, along with the welcoming atmosphere that the classroom possesses. The judges also really enjoyed her ‘What a ‘grape’ bunch!’ display. This classroom also inspired our first placed winner in the writing competition.

Outstanding Classroom awards were also presented to classes that deserved honourable mention. The recipients of these awards were:

  •  119: Geography – Mr. E. Amo
  • 118: English – Ms. E Hussey
  • 117: EFL – Mrs. L Milis-Hopa
  • 208: EFL – Mrs. L Milis-Hopa

The competition achieved its desired goal – to drive up standards.  As you walk into each classroom, there is an air of accomplishment and pride. God is glorified through the beauty of the displays and the inspiring presentation of students’ work and achievement.   Well done one and all!

Already, we can’t wait for the Classroom Competition in 2016!!!

Writing Competition Winners

Our students here at Stanborough are very talented in a variety of ways, and we look for every opportunity to encourage them to grow. One area that we place a particular importance in is literacy, so we recently asked our students to write a short paragraph on their favourite room in the school. This was in response to our recent classroom décor competition in which all learning areas were evaluated by a panel of judges to discover Stanborough’s best kept classrooms.

We received a variety of entries, describing the warm and caring atmosphere of the rooms where students spend a good part of their day. It was hard to pick a winner, but first place went to Sharolyn in Year 8 for her entry ‘A Wonderful Classroom’. Second place went to Tabasom Year 9 with an excellent piece about the Library entitled ‘My Favourite Room’. Khaleel in Year 8 also received a honourable mention for his work ‘My Favourite Classroom’. You can read all three of the winning entries below.

We want to thank all the students who participated. We enjoyed reading all your work.


A Wonderful Classroom

My favourite room is Mrs Poddar’s room, this is because every time I step into the room I feel kindness and lovingness. It is a classroom with wonderful character where you feel heart-warmed. You hear a gentle voice of kindness and there is always an ear to hear. You see bright beams of colour on the wall that gets way attractive. You hear the sounds of keyboards clicking away, what a quiet room! It is so warm and cozy; trust me, it’s like home. The room is so clean it looks new, so it’s Mrs Podder’s room in 206.

By Sharolyn


My Favourite Room

There are many wonderful rooms that are exhibited in a versatile school such as Stanborough. However, the room that allows me to express myself and do what I adore most is the glorious library. The library is an amazing place that presents such a warm environment and an atmosphere that is constantly cheerful. As well as the permission for your imagination to explode, captivating me on an adventure that leads us to a whole new world of creation. Furthermore, there is a great importance in the pyramids of books that are neatly stacked according to their categories in organized rows. Moreover, the design is inventive, the main colours being ruby and frosty shades. The themes are old-fashioned, but a sense of vibrant chic. I really appreciate the artistic displays. A school without a library cannot inspire us to seek the imagination and knowledge that are essential for us. The library is truly a treasure and kingdom of understanding run by a committed librarian that has developed such an exquisite library.

By Tabasom


My Favourite Classroom

My Favourite room in the school is Mrs Jackson’s room, the English room.

I really like this room because the vibrant colours of brown, contrast with the plain white walls. Also, there is a lot of information on the board of how to achieve an exceptional level and a very high grade. This room has exquisite features such as an elegant soft carpet that when I step on it, my feet sink in and a shiny oak wooden desk that the teacher works from. I also really adore that when you step into the room, it doesn’t feel like a normal classroom, it feels very appealing and extremely comfy.

 By Khaleel


Stanborough Alumni‘s Achievement

We recently received a very exciting update about one of Stanborough’s past students, Rachael Jarvis. Rachael is currently studying at Sir George Monoux College, where she was recently awarded ‘Psychology Student of the year (2014) ’.

Rachael had the immense honour of being presented the award by The Mayor Of Waltham Forest, Cllr Terry Wheeler, and the schools Chair of Governors, Mr Alan Wells OBE. Rachel was also privileged to be congratulated by Mr Paolo Ramella, the Principal of Sir George Monoux College, and Melissa Russ of Reed Specialists.

She received the award for her amazing perseverance and diligence in her studies. Her teachers commented that she inspires them with her amazing personal growth over the last few years.

To say the least, we are extremely proud of her and all that she has achieved. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

We would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate all our former students and wish them well in their studies and careers. We would love to hear more of your stories and achievements. If you want to submit something to us, please contact us on our alumni email, or visit us at our alumni web page.