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Stanborough Short Stories Book Is Here

A few days ago…

We have worked tirelessly to write and illustrate a book of short stories this year and lo and behold, the proofbound copy of the book has arrived already and it looks…

Judge for yourself!

Judge for yourself!

A few more days and all the budding authors will get to hold a copy of the book they’ve written in their hands!

And now…

The books are here and I could not be prouder. From the looks of it, Stanborough authors are in the mood for some good stories themselves:


Congratulations to all students and staff and enjoy your very own ipad made of trees;)

Mrs Milis Hopa and Ms Rebolledo, Project Coordinators

Adam Gibbard – Alumni Update

Recently published an article about Adam Gibbard  – a former Stanborough Student. The article talks about his path into BAE Systems, what the placements have been like so far and what interesting projects BAE has lined up for the future. For the full article please go to:

Needless to say, we are very proud of Adam and his successes so far!It is always exciting when we hear back from our former students and we would love to hear from many more of you. Get in touch with us and tell us where you are and what you are doing via our alumni email, or visit us at our alumni web page.

Telephone Scam Warning

We have been informed of an unscrupulous person who contacted people pretending to be a school parent and requesting funds for school fees.

Should you have any doubts about the authenticity of a phone call or an email, please contact us immediately.

Stanborough Short Stories Book 2016

Thirty students have written and illustrated a 180 pages book of short stories! To puchase the e-book please e-mail Mrs Milis-Hopa at To order a hard copy please e-mail by Thursday April 7, 2016.

Short Stories Sample

The prices are as follows:

E-book: 5,00 GBP

Hard copy: 15,00 GBP

Congratulations, all the young budding authors!

Mrs Milis-Hopa, project coordinator

9x starring in “Much Ado About Nothing”

During half-terms III and IV year 9x students have been studying Shakespeare’s, “Much Ado About Nothing”. No, not studying it! Falling in love with it! 🙂


Now, if we had a choice, “Much Ado About Nothing”’s characters would talk like this:

But we don’t have a choice, and so we, as “Much Ado About Nothing” characters, had to sound like this:

Something I Like About Stanborough

On Friday 18th of March the Year 7 students took assembly. They delighted us by recounting what they liked about Stanborough. We were so touched, we wanted to share their speeches with you…


I like Stanborough School because the staff always take care of us and are always concerned that things are going well and that we are feeling happy. All the teachers help us with our homework and make sure that we understand it.

My favourite subjects are: History, Biology, and Spanish.

I like Biology, because I enjoy studying about the human body, plants and these types of things.  I like History because I like to study about the past and about our history.  I really like Spanish because I like to learn other languages.  Stanborough is a great place to learn.


My three favourite teachers at Stanborough School are: Mrs Hussey, Mr Poddar, Senior and Mrs Anderson.

I like Mrs Anderson because she is, most of the time, in a good mood, she gives us fun activities, she encourages us to do our best and when you need help, you can talk to her.

I like Mrs Hussey because she encourages you at any time, and when you need help she is always there for you.

I like Mr Poddar Senior because he, most of the time in a good mood as well, and always encourages you to do your best.


The things I really like about Stanborough include some of the classes like PE, French, Music, KAZ (touch typing) and Chemistry. The motto of our school is ‘dominus magister ludi nostri’ which we all know the meaning. This school has helped me to learn new skills that I didn’t know before. When I first came here, I thought it would be like any other high school, but it wasn’t. Most people here are so nice and accept people’s backgrounds etc. Another thing that I really like about this school is the homework – it is fun and not boring whatsoever.


I came to Stanborough School because according to the website, it is a private school and a great place to help students increase in both education and faith. In my own opinion, they were not wrong because I have experienced this in every subject.

In the past seven months of attending Stanborough, I have displayed my intelligence best in three subjects which are French, Biology and English. The teachers also encourage me to always reach the highest level I can achieve and, although they can be very strict at times, they are all very good teachers in spirit and encouragement.


I have a few things interesting to say about Stanborough. One of them is the subjects I like – ICT, Religious Education, Citizenship, Art and Music because they are very easy subjects and I’m good at them. Another thing I like about Stanborough is the friends and some of the clubs after school. When you are bored and have nothing to do, your friends become handy and when your friends have gone home and your parents are not going to pick you up as soon as school ends after school clubs are really useful. That‘s what I like about Stanborough.


Hello everyone! You may not know this but I really like experiments. At Stanborough I find discovering new things really interesting. Another thing I like about the School is that there is a large field for you to play football. My favourite sports are football, table tennis, tennis and basketball. It’s very kind of the school to provide a basketball.  Also, if two different groups want to play basketball there are two rings for them to play which is a real advantage. I like that when there is a problem you can talk to your Form tutor at any time.


Ever since I first came to Stanborough I’ve enjoyed PE.  I like PE because it isn’t a lesson. It is a fun part of the day. I am an active person and PE lets me let out all the energy that I have. In any class I feel the need to stand up because all I’m doing is sitting down but in PE I’m always doing something actively.  I also like the teacher, Mr Poddar Junior, because he is kind and he has helped me to be better at football, basketball and he taught me a new sport – badminton.


Is that it helps us to learn more about God. The motto of our school is ‘God is the master of our school’ and every time I come to school, it reminds me of how we should be polite. Also, it helps us to be better and more obedient. Stanborough teaches us about God and how we should respect people. The environment is very nice and has a positive view. The teachers are very caring and pray before lessons, which brings me closer to God each time we pray. Also, assembles are quite fun too.


I like that in Stanborough you can get help with anything. For example, if you need help with your school work you can always go up to the teacher and ask for help. If you are troubled by something or someone you can always find a teacher to talk to without being judged. Help is always there.

I like that the students are friendly.  If I needed to pass something on to someone, they would do it for me. It’s easy to talk to people. We live by the rule – Do unto others what you want done to you.


Something I like about Stanborough is that it has a caring environment. The teachers they believe in you, they don’t let you call you stupid and put you down. They show tough love to help you in your future. They help you with your presentation skills like telling you to iron your blazer and care about personal hygiene. The school is all about moving you on and helping you develop your relationship with God by bringing you closer to God. I have learnt that every problem can lead you to a better horizon.

God is the Master of our School.


My experience in Stanborough School is that it is a private school and you can get more attention than you would in a state school. The teachers give up their time for after school clubs because they want us to do well and enjoy ourselves. My favourite subjects are Biology, PE and ICT. The teachers also encourage us and the reason I like these subjects is because I have learnt some things I have never learnt before and in PE you have a lot of fun in the lessons. I really like Stanborough School – a great and excellent school.


I am here to share my experience at Stanborough.

In Stanborough I’ve felt love and happiness like never before. I’ve had friends – best ones in fact. I’ve felt as if I’ve walked on sunshine and frolicked in meadows of beautiful daffodils but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t had my fair share of horrible, bad emotions.

I’ve had horrible emotions – ones that I wish I could have never uncovered.  But here too I have found people who accept me for who I am.  I also know that there is a God who has a plan for my life.


The one thing I have learnt in Year 7 at Stanborough School is that some of the teachers here are very nice and they realise when you are upset and they cheer you up.

I like most of the subjects in this school.

Out of all the teachers, I like this person the most. The person is Mrs Anderson because she is very strict and funny; when she gives out work she explains them and helps us with experiments.

I have learnt great things in most of the subjects. All the lessons were fun and they were enriching for me.

Sarah Jane

In Stanborough I’ve learnt a lot of new things. I’ve learnt a lot especially in Art. I never knew that there were so many key words like elements (line tone colour shape pattern texture). In different subjects in could mean different things like in English in means things you use for example elements of a short story you need to use plot, character etc. I also learnt especially about plagiarism. It was something I never really thought about before because I didn’t think it was important. But now I know not to plagiarise because you could get into serious trouble.


I have learned at Stanborough School to be closer to God.

In assemblies I have learnt that God has plans for me.

I have grasped how to do the opening prayer by listening to my friends.

The teachers always pray for us before the lesson and tests.

The school welcomes every religion.

They are supportive of all races.

The school gives us the knowledge of Christ.

They aid people who are going through bad times.

The school guides us to choose God over sin.

I want to learn even more about God.

God is truly the Master of our school.

ADRA Gift Box Appeal 2015 Update!

In 2015 our students decorated and packed 101 boxes for the ADRA Gift Box Appeal! Then, in February 2016 our staff member Ms Pizzuto travelled with ADRA and a team of volunteers to Swaziland to deliver the boxes. Despite the fact that volunteers only helped to distribute roughly 2,000 boxes (out of the 5,000 collected by ADRA), Ms Pizzuto was blessed to come across many of our students’ boxes!

We are so happy to be able to share the tangible results of our students’ generosity.

It’s elections time in Stanborough School!

After talking to a real politician and getting their beliefs together, the full immersion students from year 9 and 10 officially started their political campaign in assembly on the 22nd of January. This is part of a project, for the subject of Humanities, and will last till the 5th of February, when the school will vote for the best candidate.

Divided into two parties, ‘International Stanborough Party’ and ‘Together for You’, the students presented their beliefs and suggestions for improvements in the school. Next week both parties will fight for votes in a debate, and one week after that, elections will take place.

You can see their campaign video and pick your favourite by clicking here

Written by Annie Mall

Watford Councillor comes to Stanborough’s

On 20th of January, Seamus Williams, councillor in Watford, shared some of his experience with the full immersion students from years 9 and 10 from Stanborough Park School. During the talk, Councillor Williams advised the students on how to communicate their values to the voters and how to give a good speech.

International Stanborough School Humanitarian Through Journalism 1

Williams also emphasised on the importance of talking to your voters to find out how you can really help them. “When talking to people, it is better to focus on quality rather than quantity. Choose to spend 20 minutes talking to one person to get valuable information, rather than talking to 20 people for one minute”, shared Williams.

The political guidance from Councillor Williams was very useful to students. They are engaged in a political project, for their Humanities class, in which they have to create their own political party. During school assemblies, they will present their beliefs and proposals to the whole school, debate with one another, and ultimately, try to win the trust and votes of the students and staff of Stanborough.

At the end of the talk, to inspire the students, Councillor Williams left them with a quote from Bob Marley’s song, “Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight”.

Written by Annie Mall
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INTERVIEW with Ms Smith

Question: Where are you from?

My question was the first one to be fired, “Where do you come from? “. Miss Smith’s reply, to quote, was ” I come from the beautiful lovely fantastic island of Jamaica ” . That made me think about how much she loves her country. Consequently, I realised that I was feeling exactly the same. And then, I started to miss Spain terribly!

– Gaizka

Question: How long have you lived in England?

For 11 years. Miss Smith came to England in 2001 and worked as a Math teacher until 2011. After that, she went back to her country, Jamaica, on vacation. She also worked in a school there, but it wasn’t a Seventh-Day Adventist school.

– Mugi

Question: What did you study at university and why?

I chose to ask Ms Smith this question. While she was full of humour when answering other questions, she became very serious when answering this one. She went to university to study education, because she likes to teach young people like us! Also, she said that Maths was her strongest subject, that’s why she chose it. Ms Smith really enjoys her job!

– Mila

Question: What age do you want to stay in forever?

Ms Smith wants stay as old (or as youngJ )as she is today forever! In her own words, at 16 she was “giddy”, while now she has acquired wisdom through different experiences. To sum up, Ms Smith wants to stay in her current age!

– Zin Kai

Question: Why did you choose to become a staff member at Stanborough?

It turns out, Miss Smith’s dream was to become a Math teacher! Having graduated from university, she followed her dream. But coming to Stanborough was more than just about teaching Math. Miss Smith has never worked at an Adventist school before and she wanted to see what it would be like!

– Ketsia and Harry

An unplanned question

As we were nearing the end of the interview, Ms L encouraged us to ask “an unplanned” question. We decided to try our luck and asked, “Are you and Mrs Jackson really sisters?” We learnt that they REALLY are! Ms Smith described Mrs Jackson as more logical and more cool-headed out of the two. She also added that Mrs Jackson is “the better” sister. We wonder, how would Mrs Jackson comment on this? J