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Make the end of the year the beginning of a reading journey

How did we get to the end of the year so fast? Every end is also a beginning. Make this true for yourself by browsing the list below and choosing what you would like to read during the last half-term!

Half-Term IV-VI New Books 2014-2015

And then, make these films the cherries on your cake 🙂

Half-Term IV-VI New DVDs 2014-2015

Thank you for supporting the Library this year! Happy last half-term and happy reading!


Mrs Milis-Hopa, Stanborough’s Home of Reading

New Arrivals At Stanborough

It is a pleasure to present you with a list of new books and DVDs at the Library:

Half-Term III New Books 2014-2015

Half-Term III New DVDs 2014-2015


Whether you are a student, a parent, or a governor, come and join our whole-school-quiz on Thursday March 5 at 11:40 (Parents and governors, please reserve your place via e-mail by Monday February 23). May the best well-read house win!

Stanborough School Library


Curl Up With A New Book For Christmas

Excited about the upcoming holidays? Looking forward to spending quality family time? Why not catch up on reading or enjoy one of our new movies with your family?

Half-term II New Books:

Half-Term II New Books 2014-2015

Half-term II New DVDs:

Half-Term II New DVDs 2014-2015

Have a lovely Christmas!

Stanborough School Library

-There is no Christmas without Christ-

A Kitchen Where The Main Ingredient Is Love

International students from Japan, Spain and Brazil show off the boarding school’s new kitchenette along with their knowledge of adjectives during an English as a foreign language lesson. This is how our discussion went in class:

“When we arrived at Stanborough, the kitchenette was uninviting:


Would you like to cook in such a kitchen? 🙂

We thought the kitchen has to change. To our delight, it has!



Here is a list of adjectives which describes our new kitchenette:

  • Organized (Bruna)
  • Amazing (Leandro)
  • Good for cooking Brazilian food J (Vinicius)
  • Happy (Andressa)
  • Useful (Nozomi)
  • Clean (Thiago)
  • Lovely (Drau)
  • Cool (Aaron)
  • Beautiful (Mila)
  • Awesome (Emanuel)
  • Passionate (Shintaro)
  • Stylish (Isabella)
  • Wonderful (Ami)
  • Marvellous (Haro)

Many people at Stanborough work hard for us to have a good education, an education with a difference. Thank you to all who have helped to create our new kitchenette!”

Special thanks for the completion of this project goes to Larry Ivan, Keith Allen, Daniel Hopa, Liubov Milis-Hopa, Vanesa Pizzuto, Pat Walton, Audrey Balderstone, Lorraine Dixon, Ludmila Milis, Dimitar Odrinski, Enio Severi, Lauren Xavier, Courtney Prince and Aila Heck.

Written by EFL class 1:


Edited by their EFL teacher Ms L

News From Stanborough’s Home Of Reading

Welcome to a brand-new school year!

It is a pleasure to present you with the list of new arrivals at Stanborough School Library. Start the year off on a “reading” note 🙂

Half-Term I New Books 2014-2015

Half-Term I New DVDs 2014-2015

Wishing every new and returning student a great academic year!



New Books And DVDs

The academic year is almost gone but there might be just enough time to read another inspiring book or enjoy a family night with a fantastic movie:

HT V&VI-books


The winners of the on-going reading competition will be announced on Stanborough’s speechnight 2014.

On behalf of Stanborough’s Home of Reading-have a fantastic summer!


New Books & DVDs At Stanborough

What better way to spend the half-term break than with a book? Do you know the story of Justin Bieber’s mom or have you read C. S. Lewis’ Narnia Chronicles in its entirety? Easter break might be the perfect time to do so!

HT IV-books

On the other hand, over 40 awesome cartoons and movies for you to enjoy! Revel in the true story of Easter by exploring the collection below


On behalf of the Library, have a fantastic break!

Mrs Milis-Hopa


World Book Day 2014

Stanborough Secondary School celebrated the World Book Day a week late because students and staff were on a spiritual journey through Bible heroes led by pastors Jacques Venter and Sam Nevis the week before. But the excitement ran high as 6 student teams and 3 staff teams filled the Assembly Hall, all with the intention to have a great time and, ultimately, to win.



Visiting students from Beijing joined in the fun. Questions ranged from Bible to Biology and at times our teachers had to think really hard. Let’s test if you’d know the answers to a couple of questions:

  1. When David went to face Goliath, his armory consisted of his sling and how many stones?
  2. Name the American president who sold his collection of Books to the Congress for $25 000 and this collection became the beginning of the Library of Congress?
  3. Which composer became deaf at about the age of 30?
  4. What is 40 divided by 1/2, plus 15?
  5. Into which sea does the River Jordan in Israel flow?

Red house parents will be pleased to know that ….Red House took the top place!

WBD 2014

Congratulations to the red girls who earned 42 points, overtaking the closest team by 2 points! Blue girls are on the 2nd place with 40 points. Red boys and Green boys settled for the third place with 38 points each.

The battle between the staff was just as intense. Blue staff took the 1st place with 50 points, while Red followed with 49 points. Well done!

A big thank you to all parents and students for raising £103.10 for new Books and DVDs for the Library through the non-uniform day!

While all winning teams got either chocolates, notebooks or books, all students received their World Book Day coupons-do not forget to exchange them for free books by March 30! Another prize for the whole of Stanborough Family is 40 Bible cartoons worth over $1000 produced by Richard Rich, former director of Walt Disney Productions. The collection is now being catalogued and stories are waiting to be discovered over the Easter break!

Thanks to all for your support and have a fun year leaning and preparing for the next year’s Whole School World Book Day Quiz!


Text by: Liubov Milis-Hopa

Pictures by: Daniel H.

  1. 5 stones (1 Samuel 17:40)
  2. Thomas Jefferson
  3. Beethoven
  4. 95. Dividing by 1/2 is the same as multiplying by 2. So, 40 · 2 + 15 = 95.
  5. The Dead Sea

New Book Arrivals At The Library

New DVDs

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