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Boarding School Fair

Last Thursday Stanborough, along with 59 other independent schools from across the country, was given the opportunity to represent our school at the Boarding School Fair in Shrivenham.

The fair was organised by the UK Defence Academy, for military families who may be considering educating their children at a Boarding School or an independent school. Three of our staff members attended the event in hopes of directly talking with a variety of different families currently serving in the UK Defence Forces.

While the overall attendance for the night was low, our staff members still managed to engage parents in meaningful conversation about our school and what separates us from other schools.

The staff members used a variety of school promotional materials, to emphasise this point to parents. As part of the displays, Boarding School pictures were effectively utilised to emphasise our diversity. The pictures used were taken directly off the Boarding School walls, as staff wanted to demonstrate the warm, caring and homely atmosphere that we have at Stanborough Boarding School.

16 flags were also included in the displays, to demonstrate all the countries currently represented at the Boarding School.

Overall the night was enjoyable, and we cannot wait to attend the event again next year.

Classroom Competition 2015

In a continual effort for excellence, we held our Second Annual Classroom Competition!

 A team of judges from non-teaching staff assessed each classroom in aspects such as:  creativity of displays; how God is revealed through the subject; the displaying of students’ work; and neatness of room, amongst others.

 The judges were delighted at the wonderful use of colour, the amazingly creative displays and each staff member’s passion for their subject; that was clearly reflected in their classrooms.

It was extremely difficult for the judges to choose a winner, as there were several classrooms, which simply astonished them. After much deliberation by the judges, first place was awarded to Mr. J. Poddar for the PE Room (219). The judge’s eyes were captured by the ‘Sugar In Drinks’ display, which our students helped create.

They also really appreciated the creativity that went into displaying the school Values.

In second place we had Mrs L. Milis – Hopa with the Library. The overall aesthetics of the library are hard to deny. No wonder it prompted the second placed entry for our recent students writing competition.

Third place was given to Mrs. S. Poddar for Room 206, where she teaches BSC. The judges were impressed with the overall neatness of the classroom, along with the welcoming atmosphere that the classroom possesses. The judges also really enjoyed her ‘What a ‘grape’ bunch!’ display. This classroom also inspired our first placed winner in the writing competition.

Outstanding Classroom awards were also presented to classes that deserved honourable mention. The recipients of these awards were:

  •  119: Geography – Mr. E. Amo
  • 118: English – Ms. E Hussey
  • 117: EFL – Mrs. L Milis-Hopa
  • 208: EFL – Mrs. L Milis-Hopa

The competition achieved its desired goal – to drive up standards.  As you walk into each classroom, there is an air of accomplishment and pride. God is glorified through the beauty of the displays and the inspiring presentation of students’ work and achievement.   Well done one and all!

Already, we can’t wait for the Classroom Competition in 2016!!!

Writing Competition Winners

Our students here at Stanborough are very talented in a variety of ways, and we look for every opportunity to encourage them to grow. One area that we place a particular importance in is literacy, so we recently asked our students to write a short paragraph on their favourite room in the school. This was in response to our recent classroom décor competition in which all learning areas were evaluated by a panel of judges to discover Stanborough’s best kept classrooms.

We received a variety of entries, describing the warm and caring atmosphere of the rooms where students spend a good part of their day. It was hard to pick a winner, but first place went to Sharolyn in Year 8 for her entry ‘A Wonderful Classroom’. Second place went to Tabasom Year 9 with an excellent piece about the Library entitled ‘My Favourite Room’. Khaleel in Year 8 also received a honourable mention for his work ‘My Favourite Classroom’. You can read all three of the winning entries below.

We want to thank all the students who participated. We enjoyed reading all your work.


A Wonderful Classroom

My favourite room is Mrs Poddar’s room, this is because every time I step into the room I feel kindness and lovingness. It is a classroom with wonderful character where you feel heart-warmed. You hear a gentle voice of kindness and there is always an ear to hear. You see bright beams of colour on the wall that gets way attractive. You hear the sounds of keyboards clicking away, what a quiet room! It is so warm and cozy; trust me, it’s like home. The room is so clean it looks new, so it’s Mrs Podder’s room in 206.

By Sharolyn


My Favourite Room

There are many wonderful rooms that are exhibited in a versatile school such as Stanborough. However, the room that allows me to express myself and do what I adore most is the glorious library. The library is an amazing place that presents such a warm environment and an atmosphere that is constantly cheerful. As well as the permission for your imagination to explode, captivating me on an adventure that leads us to a whole new world of creation. Furthermore, there is a great importance in the pyramids of books that are neatly stacked according to their categories in organized rows. Moreover, the design is inventive, the main colours being ruby and frosty shades. The themes are old-fashioned, but a sense of vibrant chic. I really appreciate the artistic displays. A school without a library cannot inspire us to seek the imagination and knowledge that are essential for us. The library is truly a treasure and kingdom of understanding run by a committed librarian that has developed such an exquisite library.

By Tabasom


My Favourite Classroom

My Favourite room in the school is Mrs Jackson’s room, the English room.

I really like this room because the vibrant colours of brown, contrast with the plain white walls. Also, there is a lot of information on the board of how to achieve an exceptional level and a very high grade. This room has exquisite features such as an elegant soft carpet that when I step on it, my feet sink in and a shiny oak wooden desk that the teacher works from. I also really adore that when you step into the room, it doesn’t feel like a normal classroom, it feels very appealing and extremely comfy.

 By Khaleel


Stanborough Alumni‘s Achievement

We recently received a very exciting update about one of Stanborough’s past students, Rachael Jarvis. Rachael is currently studying at Sir George Monoux College, where she was recently awarded ‘Psychology Student of the year (2014) ’.

Rachael had the immense honour of being presented the award by The Mayor Of Waltham Forest, Cllr Terry Wheeler, and the schools Chair of Governors, Mr Alan Wells OBE. Rachel was also privileged to be congratulated by Mr Paolo Ramella, the Principal of Sir George Monoux College, and Melissa Russ of Reed Specialists.

She received the award for her amazing perseverance and diligence in her studies. Her teachers commented that she inspires them with her amazing personal growth over the last few years.

To say the least, we are extremely proud of her and all that she has achieved. We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

We would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate all our former students and wish them well in their studies and careers. We would love to hear more of your stories and achievements. If you want to submit something to us, please contact us on our alumni email, or visit us at our alumni web page.

Christmas At Stanborough

It has now been a whole month since Christmas, and most have put the festive celebrations behind us. Trees, lights and decorations have all come down; presents have been long forgotten or returned and life has returned to normal. Here at Stanborough though, we are not quite ready to put the cheer behind us quite yet. Though a little tardy, Stanborough would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We had a very active Christmas this year and would like to let you know a little about it.


Christmas Concert

This year our festivities began with our annual Carol Concert, which was held on the 9th of December. The night was filled with outstanding performances from all our students. The performances varied from singing, to short plays, to instrumental items. I believe that every one in attendance would agree that it was a very heart-warming and touching evening.

Each year in order to recognize the hard work and dedication that the students put in, we reward some of the more exceptional performances. Those in attendance are asked to select their favourite performance of the night, and the winners are rewarded with a small pizza party. This year all the performances were phenomenal, in the end Mr Wright’s Year 10 class was chosen for their incredible rendition of ‘Be like Him’.


Christmas Fair

This year the amazing members of the PTA organized Stanborough’s first Christmas Fair. The Christmas Fair was organised as a fundraiser, for our Home Economics room. The night was a blaring success with all those who came having a wonderful time. There were a variety of games on offer such as hook the duck, penalty shoot out, test your strength games and more.

There were also a variety of gifts to purchase from the PTA food table, to the fairy floss, clothes and soaps tables to the secret gift room.

At the end of the night everyone went home with a smile on their face, food in their stomachs and gifts for themselves and loved ones.


Staff and Student Christmas Dinner

In the days leading up to the end of term we also held our annual staff and student Christmas dinner.

This afternoon was filled with amazing food, as well as amazing entertainment. The staff and students again had a chance to showcase their talents. To the great surprise and delight of all present Victor one of our FIE students, received a standing ovation for his unbelievable operatic rendition of ‘Blessed Assurance’. That definitely has had us talking since then.

With the amazing success of the afternoon, we cannot wait until next year’s dinner.


Christmas Art Competition

Lastly two of our students had the privilege of assisting in presenting awards at the local Co – Operative Christmas Art competition. They enjoyed themselves immensely and stated that they were extremely impressed with the quality of the artwork.

We would like to thank Enoch and everyone at the Co-Operative for extending their invitation to our students.


Thank you

Here at Stanborough we would like to thank all the staff, students and parents who have made this Christmas season one to remember in the years to come.  

Christmas Art Competition

This year the PTA, with the generous help of Ms Sinclair, held a Christmas Art Competition. The students were given the task to create an A3 Christmas or seasonal image using any medium or discipline of their choice.

31 students entered the competition and produced incredible pieces of art that accurately depict the season. It was difficult to choose a winner, as all the entries were amazing. In the end though, Muskah from Year 7 was declared the winner.

As the winning artwork, Muskah’s drawing will be used in the promotion of the Christmas Fair. She was also awarded a fashionable handbag for her effort.


Thank you so much to all the students who participated in this year’s art competition.

A BIG THANK YOU! ADRA Giftbox Appeal 2014


Stanborough students pack 105 boxes

Many of you may remember that last year Stanborough Secondary School participated in ADRA’s annual Gift Box Appeal. The students packed 95 boxes – and raised £200 for shipping costs – which were delivered to underprivileged children in Sierra Leone.

This year the students at Stanborough once again proved their generosity by packing 105 boxes for disadvantaged children in Togo. Additionally they also raised £250 towards shipping cost. They have outdone themselves and we, as staff, are exceptionally proud of their commitment to humanitarian efforts.

The good will of Year 9Y deserves a special commendation, as they packed 26 boxes among themselves, earning them the ‘The Most Successful Form’ award. Another commendation goes to Tabason, as she, herself, packed 15 boxes this year.

Teachers, staff and alumni also participated; they managed to pack 23 boxes. In addition, a very generous staff member donated over £150 to buy toys and stationery for the boxes.

Lastly, we would like to thank everyone who participated in this project; special thanks go to Ms Eileen Hussey, who co-ordinated the appeal. Every box will make a difference to a child in Togo.


Stanborough’s Divine Service At St Albans Church

St Albans SDA church enjoyed hosting an enthusiastic group of students and staff on Sabbath February 22. Along with Nico Weyers we asked the hard questions: “Is evolution a fact or a belief?” “If evolution is scientific,  is there evidence which can be examined and does not need to be accepted by faith?” “Does it matter what we believe and what we are taught at school?”

Students and staff sang, played the piano, guitar and flute, did a mini-art lesson, presented video productions and read from the Word. Looking at the Stanborough team, one of St Albans’ members, who is an alumni of Stanborough School, lamented not digging up his school tie. The photo below explains why 🙂

Classroom Competition 2013

In a continuing drive to excellence, our school organised a classroom competition. A team of judges from non-teaching staff assessed each classroom in aspects such as:  creativity of displays, how God is revealed through the subject, the displaying of students’ work and neatness of room amongst others.

There was a flurry of activity as the competition date drew near.  The team of judges were in for a delightful surprise as they witnessed the wonderful use of colour, visual stimulation, creative and artistic flair along with each staff member’s passion for their subject.   There were several classrooms which deserved to win.  This made the judges’ decision quite difficult!  Congratulations to Mrs Venter whose Maths classroom won 1st place.  Joint  2nd place was awarded to Mrs Poddar (Business and Communications Systems classroom) and to Mrs Milis-Hopa (Library).  The 3rd place was won by the Physical Education room re-arranged and re-organised by Mr Jason Poddar.   The judges awarded a 4th prize to Mrs Mabhena for the Spanish classroom which was bright, colourful, welcoming and truly reflective of Spanish culture and language

The competition achieved its desired goal – to drive up standards.  As you walk into each classroom, there is an air of accomplishment and pride. God is glorified through the beauty of the displays and the inspiring presentation of students’ work and achievement.   Well done one and all!

Already, we can’t wait for classroom competition 2014!!!

L. Byng (pictures & video Gilberto – year 10)


Proposed Third Party Transportation Service

Dear Prospective Parent/Guardian

Re:       Proposed Third Party Transportation Service

We are aware as a School that some parents would like a safe, secure and direct transportation service from across different areas into Stanborough Secondary School.

I would like to draw your attention to the attached letter sent to me by CKG Quality Childcare who offers a school-run transportation service.

Please note this service is provided independently from Stanborough Secondary School and as such we are not responsible for its price or logistics. 

Please liaise directly with CKG Solutions Ltd whose contact details are listed on the attached letter.  Do share this information with anyone else you are aware of who may be interested in this service.

The school serves as a conveyer of information only in this matter therefore please make every effort to ensure the service’s suitability for your purposes.

Yours sincerely
Mrs Lorraine Dixon
Interim Head Teacher