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Watford Councillor comes to Stanborough’s

On 20th of January, Seamus Williams, councillor in Watford, shared some of his experience with the full immersion students from years 9 and 10 from Stanborough Park School. During the talk, Councillor Williams advised the students on how to communicate their values to the voters and how to give a good speech.

International Stanborough School Humanitarian Through Journalism 1

Williams also emphasised on the importance of talking to your voters to find out how you can really help them. “When talking to people, it is better to focus on quality rather than quantity. Choose to spend 20 minutes talking to one person to get valuable information, rather than talking to 20 people for one minute”, shared Williams.

The political guidance from Councillor Williams was very useful to students. They are engaged in a political project, for their Humanities class, in which they have to create their own political party. During school assemblies, they will present their beliefs and proposals to the whole school, debate with one another, and ultimately, try to win the trust and votes of the students and staff of Stanborough.

At the end of the talk, to inspire the students, Councillor Williams left them with a quote from Bob Marley’s song, “Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight”.

Written by Annie Mall
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INTERVIEW with Ms Smith

Question: Where are you from?

My question was the first one to be fired, “Where do you come from? “. Miss Smith’s reply, to quote, was ” I come from the beautiful lovely fantastic island of Jamaica ” . That made me think about how much she loves her country. Consequently, I realised that I was feeling exactly the same. And then, I started to miss Spain terribly!

– Gaizka

Question: How long have you lived in England?

For 11 years. Miss Smith came to England in 2001 and worked as a Math teacher until 2011. After that, she went back to her country, Jamaica, on vacation. She also worked in a school there, but it wasn’t a Seventh-Day Adventist school.

– Mugi

Question: What did you study at university and why?

I chose to ask Ms Smith this question. While she was full of humour when answering other questions, she became very serious when answering this one. She went to university to study education, because she likes to teach young people like us! Also, she said that Maths was her strongest subject, that’s why she chose it. Ms Smith really enjoys her job!

– Mila

Question: What age do you want to stay in forever?

Ms Smith wants stay as old (or as youngJ )as she is today forever! In her own words, at 16 she was “giddy”, while now she has acquired wisdom through different experiences. To sum up, Ms Smith wants to stay in her current age!

– Zin Kai

Question: Why did you choose to become a staff member at Stanborough?

It turns out, Miss Smith’s dream was to become a Math teacher! Having graduated from university, she followed her dream. But coming to Stanborough was more than just about teaching Math. Miss Smith has never worked at an Adventist school before and she wanted to see what it would be like!

– Ketsia and Harry

An unplanned question

As we were nearing the end of the interview, Ms L encouraged us to ask “an unplanned” question. We decided to try our luck and asked, “Are you and Mrs Jackson really sisters?” We learnt that they REALLY are! Ms Smith described Mrs Jackson as more logical and more cool-headed out of the two. She also added that Mrs Jackson is “the better” sister. We wonder, how would Mrs Jackson comment on this? J

INTERVIEW with Mr Llena

Our group had a chance to interview Mr. Llena.

This is what he told us about himself:

  • He was born in Philippines, so he can speak both Tagalog and English.

  • He is now working as an IT assistant at Stanborough School (we kind of knew this one already J )
  • He enjoys listening to Christian music
  • He is a vegan. We also thing he is a very strong Christian!

We tried to ask him who he is dating, but Mr Llena told us it was top secret J.

He did, however, share with us his dream! He wants to travel around the world and see what the world looks like. Erica thought it’s a wonderful dream, and she adopted it! Now she also wants to travel around the world!

Thank you for answering our questions, Mr.Llena! We hope we weren’t too nosy!

Erica, Saki, Takahito, Anju, Eugene and Shin

To Portugal With Love

Students from a Seventh-Day Adventist School in Porto, Portugal, have made a lovely surprise for Stanborough International students by sending postcards over with lovely views of Porto. The least we could do was send some great London views to them!


Helping Parents Understand Us, Teenagers 

Do you have a teenager in your life? Would you like a window into a life of a teenager?

We’ve decided to help you understand us, teenagers. As part of our non-fiction writing project for English, we’ve written a collaborative article as a 9x class:


Stanborough Short Story Competition

Short Story

From all over the world-to Stanborough…

What is life like at Stanborough School?

Our international students have shared what their experiences at Stanborough School have been like so far as a part of a collaborative writing project in class. Have a peek!



Group 1

Group 2


ADRA Giftbox Appeal 2015!

Stanborough School has supported the ADRA gift box appeal for many years.  However, as a whole-school initiative, this is the 3rd year in a row that Stanborough Secondary School has been blessed to participate in the ADRA Giftbox Appeal. Each year the boxes are sent to underprivileged children in a selected country – this year the boxes will be traveling to Swaziland.

Our students and staff (who collectively donated over £280!) this year have done a marvelous job in filling 101 boxes! On top of that, we also raised over £200 towards shipping costs! Beside their generosity, we were also impressed with our students’ artistic abilities. Each box was personalized and brightly decorated by our students! We were so blown away by the talent that we will be giving out prizes for the best decorated boxes!

We were delighted with the tremendous effort that each and every one of our students and staff has put in. In particular though, we want to thank Ms Vanesa Pizzuto and Mrs Eileen Hussey for co-ordinating the project within the school.

Obituary, Doreen Guest

Margaret Helen Doreen Guest (1921-2015) d. 4 September. Doreen was born in Edinburgh on the 26th of March 1921 to Pastor Samuel George Hyde and his wife Marjorie (née Keough). Doreen, the eldest of three daughters, took on early responsibility for her sisters June and Jacqueline.

By nature of her father’s ministry, the family moved frequently to different parts of the country. Always willing to help out, Doreen, aged just three, was known to fetch bread from the local baker’s in Brighton. Growing up, Doreen was also keen to lend a hand at her father’s evangelistic meetings, where she utilised her extensive skills as a keyboard player by playing the piano.

As well as being musically gifted, Doreen was highly academic and went to Cardiff University aged just 17, emerging with a double first in French and Latin.  She continued to develop her piano playing before receiving the accolade Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Music (LRAM).

She loved to sing and was an accomplished soloist and pianist. Doreen’s talents in music were also used in evangelism. As a child she sang and played the piano for her father Pastor George Hyde’s campaigns at Cardiff, Ipswich and Oxford. She was a frequent soloist at Stanborough Park Church. She sang at the New Gallery, when Leslie Riskowitz and Malcolm Taylor were in charge of the music there.

One day in 1936, Doreen went to visit her grandparents in Watford and, at a meeting with her old friend Maybel Throssel, met Jim. A romance began with this tall handsome man and, in 1942, Jim and Doreen were engaged. Jim was drafted into the army and was on overseas service for a while. When he returned in 1945 they got married.

In 1942 Doreen began a long and distinguished career in teaching. Although she began her career in a secondary school, she spent the majority of her time teaching in junior schools, specialising in music. She also taught at Hyland House Church School, becoming headmistress for a short time.

Doreen was Head Deaconess at Stanborough Park and was also a dedicated Sabbath School teacher. In retirement, she volunteered in the Stanborough School Library.

As well as a mother, Doreen was a loving grandmother of seven, and great grandmother of two, who all knew her affectionately as Gran. Doreen spent much of her later life dedicated to each of her rescue dogs, the last dog being her close companion right until the end.

Later, when her health prevented her from attending Stanborough Park Church, she enjoyed watching the Church service on Livestream. She also became fully involved as a Prayer Warrior, a duty she carried out to the very end of her life.


Memories Of Doreen

“I have known Doreen for over 25 years… as a colleague at Stanborough School where she served as a librarian during my time. I have fond memories of the visits to the last night at the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall which Doreen used to organise for the staff and students of Stanborough School and singing hymns around the piano which was a love of hers… I feel bless to have known her.”

 – Kish Poddar, Stanborough School Teacher


“An amazing friend of God, loving, caring, thoughtful.”

– Lydia Dean, Former Student


“My personal recollection of Doreen Guest is her consistent sweet smile, gentle but firm, which I presume was formed during her teaching career.”

– Johnson Wong, Friend

“I remember Doreen Guest as the quiet, unassuming and obliging school librarian who found space to house the science department’s collection of back copies of the New Scientist magazine.”

– Phillip Richards, Colleague


“After Mrs Guest retired from teaching, she and her husband travelled regularly from Ruislip to help the students at Stanborough School. They transformed the library: all the books they catalogued professionally. The same standard of excellence was evident in other areas. Mrs Guest taught music, conducted the chorale and accompanied the choir. It was a privilege to work with such a talented and gracious lady.”

– Ms Nan Tucker, Colleague


“Doreen Guest was the receptionist when I was the Bursar Stanborough Park Primary and Secondary Schools during 1999/2000. ‘Sister Guest’ was kind, helpful, friendly and strict all at the same time, not just with the students but me too. Being new to Stanborough Doreen took me under her wing… She was jolly and full of laughter, we laughed together many times.”

– Naomi Watson, Colleague



Congratulations, Terry and Jean

Terry and Jean Menkens Golden Wedding Anniversary!!!!


Former Stanborough Secondary School teacher Terry Menkens and his wife, Jean, celebrated their Golden Wedding  Anniversary on June 6th.

Originally from Australia, Terry came to Watford in January 1964 to teach at Stanborough Secondary School. This proved to be a life-changing experience as this is where he met his wife Jean who had left her native Lowestoft to work in the Treasury Department at the British Union Conference Office on Stanborough Park. They married the following year at the Stanborough Park Church in Garston where Terry now supervises the ongoing maintenance of the church buildings, conference centre and grounds.

Having spent two years at Stanborough School Terry says, ” We spent two great years teaching in USA before returning to Australia to head the  Townsville Adventist School until 1977. Returning to England, he taught Design and Technology, Maths and Geography at Stanborough Secondary School and Jean worked as Registrar at the Voice of Prophecy Bible School on Stanborough Park until they both retired in December 2006.”

They enjoy having an expanding family with two children, Troy and Fiona, two grandsons, one granddaughter and one great-grandson.

With Jean coming from East Anglia it wasn’t surprising that they returned to the area to celebrate their special occasion. Terry says, “We spent the weekend of our Golden Wedding anniversary celebrating with family with a river cruise near Lowestoft, Jean’s hometown, enjoying three brilliant, sunny days.”

He continues, “We give thanks to God for so many wonderful memories and for His protection through these many years. We considered retiring in Australia but with so many family, friends and past-students here in UK, have decided to remain here where we are settled and happy.”

Originally published in the “Journal of the Seventh-day Adventist church in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Messenger: 11 September 2015” and is reprinted with permission.