The ADRA Gift Box Appeal 2017

This Wednesday, 13th September 2017, will be a non-uniform day. All students are encouraged to contribute £2 (to cover for the shipping expenses of one ADRA gift box). All proceeds will go to the ADRA Gift Box Appeal 2017.

In partnership with the ADRA Rwanda office, the gift boxes will be distributed to children living in the Kiziba refugee camp. Located on the hillsides of a remote region of the Western Province of Rwanda, the Kiziba Refugee camp is home to 17,000 people. The camp was established in 1996 when a Kinyarwanda speaking ethnic group was forced from their homes in the Congo because of violence.

The conflict has still not been resolved and the people have now been living in the camp for over 20 years. Most of the children in the camp have been born here. They know of nothing else except life in the camp. Life in the camp is difficult. Refugees are contained inside the camp and do not have much opportunity to earn money to provide for their families.

Thank you in advance for supporting this project that will not only bring great joy to refugee children in Rwanda, but also give you an opportunity to experience the blessing of giving.

To find more the ADRA Gift Box appeal visit:

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