Our Staff

A Little About Us

The teachers and other staff at Stanborough are unique in their dedication to the holistic development of their pupils. All staff at the school hold university degrees or equivalent professional qualifications. With a teacher/student ratio of 1:15, the Stanborough experience allows teachers to give close, individual attention to each student. Teachers are perceptive to the talents and interests of their students and seek ways to help them grow to their full potential.

Reflecting the international composition of the student body, the staff team at Stanborough is similarly international. A considerable amount of both day and boarding school staff are at least bi-lingual and have considerable international work experience.

Many of the staff at the school are themselves alumni. A number of married couples work at the school and several of the staff have taught at Stanborough for a long time. This helps maintain the positive atmosphere that characterizes the school.


Mrs L. Dixon Headteacher
Mr K. Allen Bursar
Mrs E. Hussey Assistant Head
Mr K. Poddar Assistant Head
Mrs D. Williams PA to Headteacher
Mrs S. Poddar Registrar
Ms L. Byng Bookkeeper
Mrs J. Davis Receptionist / Cashier
Mrs A. Anderson Senior Tutor
Mrs E. Hussey
Mr D. Edwards
Ms D. Lee
Ms D. Lee
Ms S. Sinclair
Mr D. Edwards
Mrs L. Mabhena
Business and Technology
Mrs S. Poddar
Mr M. Smith
Mrs E. Hussey
Drama and Humanities
Mrs E. Hussey
Mr D. Edwards
Mr E. Amo-Adjei
Mr R. Wright
Mr K. Allen
Mr K. Poddar
Mr W. Nalli
Mrs A. Anderson
Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs P. Hylton
Mrs L. Mabhena
Ms S. Sinclair
Ms D. Lee
Mr J. Poddar
Mrs P. Hylton
Ms J. Ahn
Ms S. Sinclair
Mr R. Harris Facilities Manager
Mr Neri
Mrs Maxine
Mr Davide
Mr Robert
Mrs L. Milis-Hopa Librarian/Resource Centre
Mr D. Hopa IT Manager
Mr T. Garapasi

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