Our Mission

Stanborough provides an excellent learning environment where students are pushed to do their very best through the individual attention that teachers offer them. Exam results at Stanborough compare favourably with those of local, mixed-ability schools. Value-added scores that indicate the progress levels of students over the course of their studies at Stanborough, are consistently high. A Stanborough education offers a strong grounding in core subjects. Also, instruction in areas from horticulture to home economics is given students to provide the well-rounded approach to education that characterizes the Stanborough experience.
As a Christian school, Stanborough stands for high moral values and encourages students to celebrate their differences. The rich diversity of nationality, race, culture and religion represented in the student body creates the mosaic-like image of the school. Students grow to respect each other and through experiencing such international richness, are given the training they need to compete confidently in a global society.
The creativity and talent regularly demonstrated by pupils is part of what makes Stanborough proud. Musical, theatrical and cultural performances at special school programs often leave a first-time visitor pleasantly surprised. The school’s annual International Arts Festival draws large audiences from across Britain and abroad as well as considerable media interest.

Our History

Stanborough School was founded in 1919. It originally catered primarily to the children of overseas missionaries. The school is one of over 6000 educational institutions run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Over the years, the school began to cater for a wider range of students. As the school grew, the Primary section moved to a new facility in 1974 and an attractive Early Learning Unit was added in 1990. The construction of a beautiful new complex for secondary and boarding students was completed in 1991. Stanborough school is set in over 40 acres of parkland.
As an Independent School, Stanborough operates free of most regulations and constraints imposed on the majority of state schools. With such barriers and restrictions removed, Stanborough can enjoy a greater flexibility in responding to the needs of pupils, and maintain its innovativeness in operating efficiently. At Stanborough we will raise academic standards, empower educators, involve parents and boost accountability.
Stanborough has a diverse cultural mix. Pupils experience early exposure to the communities of the world, thus empowering them to serve as a catalyst for a new generation in education. Pupils at Stanborough learn to appreciate the different nationalities and religions of the world, thus providing them with insight into the communities that they will serve.

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