A Kitchen Where The Main Ingredient Is Love

International students from Japan, Spain and Brazil show off the boarding school’s new kitchenette along with their knowledge of adjectives during an English as a foreign language lesson. This is how our discussion went in class:

“When we arrived at Stanborough, the kitchenette was uninviting:


Would you like to cook in such a kitchen? 🙂

We thought the kitchen has to change. To our delight, it has!



Here is a list of adjectives which describes our new kitchenette:

  • Organized (Bruna)
  • Amazing (Leandro)
  • Good for cooking Brazilian food J (Vinicius)
  • Happy (Andressa)
  • Useful (Nozomi)
  • Clean (Thiago)
  • Lovely (Drau)
  • Cool (Aaron)
  • Beautiful (Mila)
  • Awesome (Emanuel)
  • Passionate (Shintaro)
  • Stylish (Isabella)
  • Wonderful (Ami)
  • Marvellous (Haro)

Many people at Stanborough work hard for us to have a good education, an education with a difference. Thank you to all who have helped to create our new kitchenette!”

Special thanks for the completion of this project goes to Larry Ivan, Keith Allen, Daniel Hopa, Liubov Milis-Hopa, Vanesa Pizzuto, Pat Walton, Audrey Balderstone, Lorraine Dixon, Ludmila Milis, Dimitar Odrinski, Enio Severi, Lauren Xavier, Courtney Prince and Aila Heck.

Written by EFL class 1:


Edited by their EFL teacher Ms L

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