A BIG THANK YOU! ADRA Shoebox Appeal 2013

Thank you for supporting the ADRA Shoe-Box Appeal 2013. Together we raised £200 towards the shipping costs and packed 95 boxes. ADRA will deliver them to underprivileged children in Sierra Leone in February 2014.


Well done to Year 7 and Year 8 for jointly winning, ‘The Most Successful Form’ award by each packing 20 boxes.


Congratulations to Year 10X for winning, “The Most Committed Form” award. Every student in this form packed at least one box. Together, including their Form Tutor, they packed 14 boxes. We are proud of you!


Tabason deserves a special mention for packing 10 boxes all on her own. Gabrielle followed closely by packing 7 boxes and also must receive a special mention. Their commitment and dedication is inspirational!


Again, thank you all for supporting this project; every box will make a difference to a child in Sierra Leone.

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